Is Everton Legit?

Everton currently is 1st in the table for the 2020-2021 EPL season, so I have to ask the question “Is Everton Legit?”


We have to sit here and start to think about what Everton has done through the first four matchdays of the EPL season. Everton has beaten Tottenham (6th), West Bromwich (17th), Crystal Palace (12th), and Brighton (15th) through the first four match days of the season. This isn’t the same team that finished 12th in the table a season ago is it? No it is not as Everton added some serious talent this summer during the transfer window. They did lose Moise Kean to PSG (on loan), but Everton had one of the better transfer windows out of any team in the EPL. Three big names they added are Allan, Abdoulaye Doucoure and James Rodriguez. These three have been inserted into the starting lineup for Carlo Ancelotti and have been great so far. Here are the players that have been essential to Everton’s success so far.


James Rodriguez

James Rodriguez has already tripled his point total from a season ago with Real Madrid (and it only took him four games). Rodriguez has been a great addition into the lineup for Everton. He has been a force on the offensive side for them especially playing the wing position where he isn’t normally accustomed to playing at. James has some serious freedom playing on the wing, and he has looked like he is out to prove that he is still a LEGIT starting 11 guy. Everton is really lucky to have a guy of Rodriguez’s talent to be able to play alongside their two talented forwards up front in Richarlison and Calvert-Lewin as well. Rodriguez currently sits second in the team in goals, and tied for first in the team in assists. He has paid off so far, does he keep it up for Everton is the biggest question.


Dominic Calvert-Lewin

The 23 year old is starting to put his mark on being a great goal scorer, and could be one of the better young talents that the EPL has right now. Calvert-Lewin leads the team in goals and is currently tied for first with Son Heung-Min for the most goals in the entire Premier League. We started to see Calvert-Lewin becoming a star last season when he scored over ten goals for the first time in his young career. The English man has a very bright future ahead of him, but he just might finish as the Premier League Golden Boot winner this season if he keeps up this incredible start. Look out for the name Calvert-Lewin as a name to watch out for and see the entire season.


Now How Legit Is Everton?

Everton is trying to finish top four for the first time since the 04-05 campaign, and is looking to win the Premier League title for the first time since 1986-1987 when it was known as First Division. With who they have played so far this season it is hard to get a good read on where they will finish at the end of the year. Everton has the defending champions Liverpool on October 17th which is their next game, that will be my tell sign on how legit Everton is going to be this season. At the beginning of the season I had them finishing sixth, so what is my percentage that I give them for finishing at the top of the table, the top four of the table, and the top six of the table.


EPL Champions: 10%

Top Four: 25%

Top Six: 60%

Falls Out Of Top Six: 5%


-Chris Jones (@cjoneswho1212)

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