Is Edwin Diaz The Right Fit For The Red Sox?

We are approximately two and a half days away from the MLB trade deadline ending. There are already many speculations on what the Red Sox will do when the times comes. Will they stay put? Will they get a legit closer? Whose a legitimate possibility for them? One name that has been linked to the Red Sox is Mets closer Edwin Diaz.

But, is Edwin Diaz necessarily the right fit for the Red Sox? Here are a few things to keep in mind.

What Will It Take To Get Him?

What would it take to get Diaz to the Red Sox? Well, one interesting prospect that comes to mind is Bobby Dalbec.

Looking at this, it makes sense. Devers is your third baseman of the future. So why not use a prospect who is being blocked at the big league level for a piece you need right now? I know it also says Triston Casas, but he can also play first base. The Red Sox need a young first baseman of the future. So, is the idea to trade Dalbec for Diaz actually a bad idea? I’ve seen a lot worse!


Diaz’s ERA this season is at an alarmingly high 4.95. That isn’t the best, considering the Red Sox are looking for a reliable closer. We can all look back at last season with the Mariners and be impressed with the 1.96 ERA. But with me, it’s simple: what have you done for me lately? However, maybe Diaz would thrive if he was with a legitimate contender.

Other Closer Options

There are other options for the Red Sox if Diaz is dealt elsewhere. Kirby Yates from the Padres is a name being thrown around. Ken Giles of the Blue Jays is another one as well. They both have lower ERAS (1.02 and 1.54, respectively) than Diaz. Their WARs are both in the positive rankings while Diaz’s WAR is a -0.1. It’s not like Diaz is the only option for the Red Sox.

In Conclusion

Does Edwin Diaz truly fit in with the Red Sox? Not quite. This is a move that Dave Dombrowski should try to stay away from if possible. He’s been rumored to like Diaz for years, so that isn’t good news for us Red Sox fans. But if Diaz is the only remaining option when the deadline looms, might as well pull the trigger and make the move. The next few days will be fun to track, so stay tuned!

-Alan Nahigian (@BigAl2793)

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