Is Dwayne Haskins Worth Looking Into?

Every time a player is released or on the trading block, Patriots fans gear up with the Belichick gif. You know the one, where Belichick is walking in like he’s on Monday Night Raw. No, the Patriots are not going to sign Dwayne Haskins. Not while he’s on waivers and certainly not after. Bill Belichick is not the kind of coach for that. Yes, he has taken chances on players deemed to be a “locker room problem” but it hasn’t always worked out. Josh Gordon still got suspended under the Patriot Way. Aaron Hernandez went to prison. Antonio Brown lasted eleven days. Belichick certainly shouldn’t give a second glance over Haskins, who hasn’t proven himself to be a great player and worth the risk. Even at league minimum. 

Haskins Released

This comes on the heels of Haskins being released from the Washington Football Team this afternoon. Haskins release was a given after his extracurricular activities last week involving exotic dancers and being maskless in public. A weird move to make following a game where you played horrendously. 

Haskins Postgame Antics

I truly believe that the only reason Haskins wasn’t waived last week was because of Alex Smith’s injury. Following Washington’s loss yesterday, it was reported that Haskins all but ran from the media and stadium. Follow up reports from Adam Schefter and others stated that Haskins was told he was informed that he wouldn’t be meeting with the media and was allowed to go home. It shouldn’t come as a shock that the Washington Football Team is running like a cluster at every level. When he finally appeared and spoke in front of the media – a requirement for the starting quarterback – he did so from the comfort of his own home. No other player gets that luxury after a loss. JJ Watt met with the media right away and made no excuses for the Texans’ disappointing season.

Postgame Remarks

This is absolutely childish behavior. Of course, no one wants to talk to anyone after a loss, especially one where you get benched. He knew he had obligations. Even after being told he didn’t have to meet with the media, he still knows that he is contractually obligated to do so.

It’s nice to come out in the open and wish you could change things, however, you signed a contract saying you cannot do certain things. Especially this year. It’s his own fault that his season played out the way that it did. He’s lucky the league “investigates” things before handing out punishments. We all saw him surrounded by people at an adult entertainment facility without wearing a mask. We are almost a year into this pandemic and still having to shame people for not wearing masks. Ridiculously selfish behavior.

Haskins to New England?

Seeing tweets like the one Ben Volin published is just laughable. The Patriots wouldn’t be improving their roster with the addition of Haskins. Quite frankly, they’d be hurting it thanks to his off-field antics. 

I’d start questioning Belichick’s cognitive abilities if he decided to take a chance on Haskins. Haskins is no better than Cam Newton. They’re a shell of each other, statistically speaking, Newton is actually slightly better. In the two years that Haskins has been in the league, the two QB’s have very similar numbers. Newton has 16 total touchdowns, Haskins has 13. As for interceptions, Newton has 11 compared to Haskins 14.

They both aren’t the most accurate, by any means, however, their main difference is in sportsmanship. I think it’s pretty obvious that Newton has been doing everything he can on and off the field to be better than he was the previous week. Meanwhile, Haskins has been doing whatever he wants off the field. That’s a hard pass from me. I’d rather stick it out with Newton and see if there will be any upgrades on the offense elsewhere before I ever thought about signing Haskins.

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-Jess Donahue (@jldx392)

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