Happy 60th Birthday, Ray Bourque!

Today, the former Bruins captain, Ray Bourque, has turned 60 years old. Bourque was born in Saint-Laurent, Quebec, Canada on December 28, 1960. To this day, Bourque is one of the best players in NHL history. In commemoration of his birthday, let us take a trip down memory lane on Bourque’s career.

Boston Bruins

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In 1979, Ray was drafted at number 8 overall by the Boston Bruins. That draft pick may have been Boston’s best pick ever. YES, I SAID THAT. In his first game, Bourque scored his first goal against the Winnipeg Jets. Bourque’s rookie year turned out to be a phenomenal one for him. He was awarded the Calder Memorial Trophy and a First-Team selection.

From 1985-1988 after Terry O’Reilly retired, Ray Bourque and Rick Middleton both shared the “C” and Captain responsibilities. During away games, Bourque spotted the C on his jersey. In 1988, when Middleton retired, Bourque was the sole Captain. Currently, to this day, Bourque’s captaincy has been the longest-tenured on the Bruins.

The former Captain still holds a number of records from his time on the Boston Bruins. Bourque has played the most amount of games as a Bruin totaling 1518. Aside from games, he still holds the record for the number of points (1506) and assists (1111). Bourque also gained some impressive hardware from his time in Boston. He won the Norris Trophy 5 times, only 2 fewer than former Bruin Bobby Orr.

The defenseman stayed with the Bruins for 21 seasons – the longest Boston Bruin career to date. He led the Bruins to Stanley Cup Finals twice, both times losing to the Edmonton Oilers.

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After a stellar career on the Bruins, Ray had asked for a trade. He was hungry to win a Stanley Cup. Many wondered why Bourque had asked for a trade so late in his career. According to the NHL.com, he said, “Why now? Well, two reasons. One: I asked to be traded because I want to win a Cup. It’s the one thing I haven’t accomplished in my career. And two: At this point in time, I needed a change. I want to find out what’s left to Ray Bourque.”

And during his last season ever, and after 1,612 regular games and multiple appearances in the Stanley Cup, Ray Bourque was finally a Stanley Cup Champion.

However, although extremely gracious for the opportunity to win a Cup, he said his heart will always be with the Boston Bruins. After all, he has many fond memories with the team.

Career Stats

To this day, Bourque holds the record for having the most NHL points, goals, and assists by a defenseman. In 2017, he was listed as one of the greatest NHL players of all time.

Source: NHL.com

Happy Birthday, Ray Bourque!

– Fran Romero (@chess_romero)

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