Is Cam Newton Considered A Superstar?

Tonight on Monday Night NFL Countdown, Booger McFarland said something along the lines of: COVID took one of our superstars {Cam Newton} out of the game, or something like that.  But he was talking about the madness surrounding the Steelers-Ravens and how *superstar* Lamar Jackson also has it and will miss time.  But Booger’s comments got me thinking, is Cam Newton considered a NFL superstar?

In all fairness, I think I know what Booger was trying to say. Still, you can’t use the word “superstar” so loosely.  I think what Booger was trying to say was that Newton is a standout veteran that has accomplished a lot in the league. That Newton is well-respected and very well liked amongst fans and other players.

Granted let’s not forget Newton won the MVP, went 15-1, and brought the Panthers to the Super Bowl in 2015-16.  So from an on the field standpoint, he does have that.  But to use the word superstar is a stretch!

In my eyes, and I’m going to speak for others too, but a superstar is someone who lifts his team up no matter what to win. Someone that has been consistently dominate for at least 7 years, and/or has won a championship (most times a MVP will follow this).  These are basically the standard job requirements to be a “superstar.”

Now, everyone has a different criteria of what a superstar should possess but these are the basics.  For example, look at Aaron Rodgers or Russell Wilson and both of those guys check those boxes.

Another one, DeAndre Hopkins, guy’s a superstar.  Best receiver in the league and he just finds ways to win for his team.  No, he doesn’t have a ring but he checks those other boxes along with being the best in his position.

This is where Cam Newton falls short.  I think he played well in Sunday’s game against Arizona and that’s a quality win.  But Newton isn’t a superstar.  He’s an above-average player who is greatly beloved by fans and other players.  But he has never been a person who can lead you to a big win. He surely hasn’t been consistent (injuries did affect some of this). Newton doesn’t have that ring and was the best at his position in one year.

Cam Newton is good, but to call him a superstar is wrong.  He’s not close to the level of other superstar elite QB’s like Rodgers, Wilson, Mahomes, or even trending toward greatness like Kyler Murray or Josh Allen.

-John (Uncle_mac4)

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