Into the Triangle Podcast: Episode 9

Into the Triangle, episode 9 is out and available to listen to as much as you desire! We cover a lot in this one including one of the hosts (me) battling a cold, personality switches, and more.


What’s Covered This Week?

This week, we talk about Carson Smith FINALLY being off of the Red Sox. We give you the latest on David Ortiz’s conditions. We talk about if the Red Sox are indeed back or not. There also might be a conversation about the Red Sox being buyers or sellers at the trade deadline.

Where Can You Find Us?

The podcast is on many different platforms. Go onto Podbean and listen to babbling for about a half hour. While you’re at it, rate/subscribe to us on iTunes. Find us on any platform that podcasts are played on. Sit back, relax, and enjoy episode nine today!

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