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Into the Triangle Podcast: Episode 21

Into the Triangle, episode 21 is out and the boys are back together!

What’s Covered This Week?

Jared returns from being sick to discuss his thoughts on the Red Sox GM situation. We also say who we’ll be supporting in the playoffs since the Red Sox aren’t in the race. There are a lot of good opinions that we discuss in this episode. So, make sure you listen after finishing up episode 20 of course!

Where Can You Find Us?

You know the drill at this point. Any place where a podcast plays, you can find us there most likely. If you want some easy options, then listen up. iTunes, Apple Podcasts, and Podbean are three really good places to start. If not, type it in on Google and I’m sure you’ll find our content. As always, enjoy the episode!

-Alan Nahigian (@BigAl2793)

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