Into the Triangle Episode 45

What an episode we have for you on Into the Triangle: episode 45. I mean, come on now. It’s the Pedro Martinez episode. You better believe we bring the heat in this episode. Pedro brought it for the Red Sox for so many years. We know we couldn’t let you all down with this one. So here we go!

Topics Discussed on Into the Triangle Episode 45

The Boston Red Sox are the hottest team in baseball! No really, they’re actually really hot right now. The three amigos (Jared, Al, and Zach) talk about what has gotten the Red Sox success so far in this young season. We also get into why the Red Sox are for real and how they can keep this level of success up.

However, not everything is perfect in the land that is Red Sox nation. The Red Sox are plagued by the injury bug. That means we get to see more of Michael Chavis himself! We express how happy we are to see Chavis back up with the big league club and debate if he should just stay up full time.

There was a lot of other banter this episode. You’re just going to have to listen for it!

Where Can You Find Into the Triangle Episode 45?

Honestly, you can find us pretty much anywhere you go. For example, here’s our previous episode. If you scroll up to the podcast part of the page, all of our episodes are on there. We also can be found on iTunes, Spotify, Anchor, and all of the other big podcast platforms that you can think of on the internet these days. Put in a little bit of effort on the google search machine and I think you’ll be fine!

Other than that, sit back, relax, and enjoy the latest episode of the Into the Triangle podcast, presented by Couch Guy Sports!


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