Into the Triangle Episode 39: Baseball is Almost Back!

Here’s episode 39 of the Into the Triangle podcast. At the time of this recording, baseball was so close that we could honestly taste it. The peanuts were fresh. There were some Fenway franks that needed to be eaten. There will be fans in the stands. It’s all coming together! Anyways, here’s what happened in the 39th episode of the Into the Triangle podcast.

Topics This Episode

No Al in this one, but the show must go on! Jared and Zach deep dive into a lot in this one.

Eduardo Rodriguez is on the shelf for 10 days with a dead arm. Wait, what?! Yep, dead arm. The guys get into why this happened to Eduardo Rodriguez, could it be post symptoms of COVID, and how this affects the Red Sox rotation. If they want to be successful this year, the Red Sox need everyone healthy.

Speaking of healthy, Franchy Cordero looks healthy. The guys talk about expectations for Cordero, how he’ll fit onto this Red Sox team, and more.

Finally, season win predictions! Because those are always fun, right? The guys get into how many wins the Red Sox will have in 2021. Will they go over .500 this year? Could they even crack the 90 win total?

There’s also some miscellaneous talk. Will Zach start up an Onlyfans account? If so, what would it look like? Like I said, there was a LOT to unpack in this one. Just listen and you’ll get some laughs!

Where Can You Find Us?

You can find us on all of the major podcast platforms. iTunes is the most popular choice for a lot of podcasts worldwide. We’re also on Spotify, Anchor, and a bunch of other platforms. We can always be found on the CGS website too.

Other than that, enjoy the 39th episode of the Into the Triangle podcast!

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