Indy Ball Friday’s: Tony Campana Is Speed

This weeks installment features a guy who’s name may or may not be familiar to you, depending on how invested you are in Chicago Cubs baseball.

That is former Sioux City Explorer and probably more notably former Chicago Cub, Tony Campana. Who was also just recently named the “most random Chicago Cub of all time” after beating out Here-Seop Choi.

Campana, was only in independent baseball for one season, he has since moved on to the Mexican league, but in his single season in indy ball he made a profound impression. He won defensive player of the year for the American Association in 2017. He also did it at the dish, hitting .301 and stealing 35 bases. And he was more than just the stolen base numbers. He could wreck havoc on an inning without swiping a bag just because he was in the pitchers head that much.

I once asked him if he enjoyed and took more pride in his offensive game or defensive game. He said defense, because it never slumps, and because offense is like having a smoking hot girlfriend but she’s crazy. Some days are awesome, and some days absolutely suck. Where as defense is like having a beautiful stable wife, she’s always there for you. That is a big league analogy.

Across four different big league seasons from 2011-2014 Campana stole 66 bases, and hit for a .249 batting average with a .296 OBP. He has one career home run, and it never left the yard.

The dude was FAST. I mean there wasn’t even the thought of a play at the plate, absolutely wild.

Final Thoughts

Also shout out to Kramer Sneed the Explorers pitcher in the original Campana clip, what a reaction. Sneeder is a great dude and a former New York Yankees prospect whose battery mate through the minors was none other than Gary Sanchez. But that’s another story for another Friday.


Connor Ryan (@connoryan68)

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