Antonio Brown Apologizing to Bob Kraft Has Me All Sorts of Confused

What’s been the most interesting storyline since the start of the football season? Hell, even through the entire summer? Can Patrick Mahomes come back and repeat another phenomenal season? Kick rocks. Will Lamar Jackson take a step forward and become a top NFL quarterback? Well, that happened? But eat it. It’s been Antonio Brown. We’ve had cryogenic chambers. Frostbitten feet. We’ve had helmet controversies. Signed by the Patriots. RELEASED by the Patriots. Sexual assault allegations. And that’s not even everything!

But today, we have Antonio Brown–who’s been looking to get back into the league this year–apologizing to Bob Kraft?

So we have AB looking to get back into the Patriots good graces. And obviously this stems from the shot he took at Kraft after he was kicked out of the doors of Gillette Stadium regarding a little spa parlor trip ol’ Bobby took.

What’s AB doing? There’s one of two things.

He’s still posting stories on his Instagram of him working out which I’ll be honest, make me all sorts of hot and bothered. I know the guy is a lunatic. And the allegations… What’s been going on with those?

If he’s good and innocent, then the league needs Antonio Brown. When he’s on the field, he’s the best receiver in the game and I think that’s become clear. Look, the Patriots absolutely need a solid target for Tom Brady. We’ve seen this offense sputter recently. They’re spinning out like my cheap tires on ice. Gronk’s already made it crystal clear that he’s not returning. AB would be dirt cheap at this point, I think? I don’t know how the financial side of things would work but man, it would be huge if Robert Kraft and AB shook hands, did a little kissy kissy and made up.

And you know… Who says this isn’t a plan in motion as we speak? Who says the Patriots didn’t see what that offense looked like on Sunday, sent in a little call to AB and said “Tuesday morning we need you to publicly apologize to Bob. Once you do that, we’ll talk about how much you’ve grown from this experience, we’ll bring you back onto the roster, and next thing you know, you’ve got a Super Bowl ring on your finger”.

I re-watched his touchdown catch in Miami, and I mean. God damn it, what could have been.


I’ve completely changed my tune. I want this guy back in New England. And this tweet out of nowhere? Something’s… fishy.

-Nick Quaglia (@NickQuag)

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