I’m Officially Terrified of Papa John After This Viral Interview

Papa John did an interview with WDRB that dropped yesterday and it’s going viral. First of all, they’re claiming that his name is John Schnatter which between me and you, I don’t buy. Are you trying to tell me that this guy who we’ve been calling Papa John all these years isn’t actually using his real name? First name Papa. Last name John. Put that in a song, Drake.

In this interview, Papa John looks like a mix of a murderer who’s thinking about his next kill, and someone who just got done with his fifth plate at his local Chinese buffet. That sweat says it all.

So we know all about Papa. Some may call him John to keep it simple. He was run out of the company after some controversy started raining down on him. He had some vocal opinions over the kneeling situation in the NFL which, whatever, it’s his opinion. But he also dropped the “N” word on a conference call. For those of you who aren’t involved in the business world, that’s something that will get you canned pretty quickly and for pretty good reason.

Can I also say I’m kind of glad he’s out of our lives? I was out when he ran out to hug his guy Peyton Manning after his Super Bowl 50 win.

But this interview’s made me terrified of him. The way that he looks right now is the look of a man who could snap at any moment without question. He also claims that the guy who took over Papa John’s restaurants, Rob Lynch, doesn’t know a thing about pizza which is hilarious.

If I was fired from a place like that, there’s zero chance that I’m eating there, even if it means testing to see if it’s gotten better or worse. But the craziest behavior? He said he’s eaten 40 pizzas in 30 days. Are we talking entire pizzas or slices? Regardless, arrest him. That’s behavior that should get you added to the FBI’s watch list.

He also said, “The day of reckoning will come”. I’m rattled and I need to know what that means.

-Nick Quaglia (@NickQuag)

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