ICYMI: This Video Of A Steelers Fan Losing His God Damn Mind Sunday Is Internet Gold

Big shoutout to this guy’s daughter, sister, wife, I have no idea but whatever the relation, I hope you have the greatest Christmas season, or Hanukah, of your LIFE for posting this gem.

I posted it yesterday on the Couch Guy Sports Instagram page and people loved it. The video is classic.

And here’s the thing. I don’t think this guy acts like this during every single Steelers game. In my head because I’m an arrogant Patriots fan, Tom Brady owns real estate deep in the hills of that guy’s brain.

My God. Imagine the nightmare he has to be to watch a game with? You can’t even lay out queso without having people sign waivers upon entering your house just in case of dip burn due to airborne melted cheese.

You’re just sitting there trying to cover that chip in a nice yellow substance and next thing you know there’s a glob of melted, scrumptious cheese attached to the center of your forehead. Now what do you do with that dip? You act like the selfless human being that you are and you do not waste that dip. You take your tortilla scoop and drag that chip right across your forehead. That’s your new dipping station.

This is an all-time internet video. I’ve seen all of the medleys of Seahawks fans breaking down into puddles after the Malcolm Butler interception, but this might top it. Those videos were immaculate. I could watch them all day while eating my avocado ice cream. But this video might be climbing the ranks quickly.

And I can only imagine that the play he’s talking about where he yells that he doesn’t have it has to be the Gronk catch where the ball was a foot off of the ground. Incredible catch. I love being a Patriots fan at this age. This franchise twists normal civilians into crazed lunatics. It’s traumatizing for them to see that perfect smile from Tommy.

@CamrynSobczak… There better be a part two when these two teams reach the AFC Championship. Don’t do it for me, do it for Twitter.

Written By: Nick Quaglia (@NickQuag)

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