Ian Happ Went All Ian Happ to Start the Season

We’re back to baseball games meaning something. Which means I get to write blogs about baseball games that matter. Which means I don’t have to write about Ben Simmons trolling the Atlanta Hawks. This is good news for you.

More good news for you: on the first pitch that mattered in the first game that mattered of the new baseball season, former Harwich Mariner legend Ian Happ did this –>

For those of you Statcasters, it looked like this –>

Now I could be wrong, but I’m pretty sure those in the industry call this “pissed on”. Again, total speculation on my part.

Ian Happ’s first at bat was very Ian Happ like. Then he followed that at bat up with another very Ian Happ like at bat.

ian happ strikeout

Long live Ian Happ. Long live the juiced baseballs. And long live strikeouts. Baseball is so back.

Also, this guy. He should really learn to never bet against baseball. You always lose.

At least he actually did it.

On second thought, this looks nice and toasty.

Now if I was as crazy as this guy, I’d say that if Mookie Betts led off the season with a homerun for the Red Sox, I’d jump into the Atlantic Ocean. Guess we’ll have to wait and see.

-Brian Borders (@bborders12)


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