I Am Excited to Watch the Red Sox

Hot take alert! I am excited to watch the Red Sox. It’s opening day. The Sox have a clean slate and have provided me with 162 new opportunities to drink outside. I LOVE our lineup minus Jackie Bradley Jr. (I think he stinks at baseball). Also, David Price is a huge weenie and has a TON to prove. I don’t really care he pitched above average in relief during last years playoffs. The guy is supposed to be a perennial all star.

Other than those two blemishes I’m juiced to watch the boys this year. They kept everyone I wanted them to keep (Betts, Benny, Hanley, and Devers). So with that, I’ll make the same predicition I make every year. Sox will go undefeated and Manny  Ramirez will be back by mid July.

Let’s fucking GO!



P.S. If you don’t hear from me after today’s game it’s because I’m in Mexico hiding from my Bookie.

-Steak Jones














Happy Opening day.


P.S. If you don’t hear from me after this blog it’s because I’m somewhere in Mexico hiding from my bookie.

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