I Can’t Stop Thinking About The Tiger King

Last night I finished up one of the best documentaries/shows Netflix has done. Let me tell you, if you haven’t watched it, you should! The Tiger King was so awesome and weird that I haven’t been able to stop thinking about it since I started watching it. Before you get any further, there are going to be spoilers!!!!

Where to Begin?

I don’t even know where to begin or who I should be mad at. Netflix struck gold with this emotional roller coaster that in every episode you found yourself rooting for/hating a new person. Let’s start with the main character, Joe Exotic.  It was clear that his passion for the tigers decreased as the series went on. Also, his paranoia was starting to overtake his well-being, but is Joe the type of person (based off what we all saw) to kill someone? I don’t think so, I think he was just a stupid person with a big mouth made for the camera. However, his hate for Carole Baskin is 100% real.  But should he have gotten screwed the way he did?  Absolutely not.

It was such an obvious set up between Jeff Lowe and James Garretson to get rid of Joe the whole time.  Like you almost forget about Carole for a minute because you’re watching these two con artists steal everything from Joe.  Like I said before, I don’t think Joe is a bad person he’s just broke and stupid and would have done anything to keep his park.  Which is how Lowe and Garretson got him in such a crooked trial.

The trial episodes are the hardest episodes to watch because you have these people say one thing to the Netflix producers and then something totally different in court.  It blows my mind how one-way this whole thing was.  Like how do you not bring John Reinke, zoo manager, and Erik Cowie, head keeper, to the stands?  These were the two most honest people in the entire show. They at least deserved a chance to tell the jury Lowe and Garretson were behind this, not Joe.

My Feelings On It

I think this makes me more angry than it should because it shows how stupid and dumb people are.  Netflix did a great job at independently covering this.  They got everyone’s point of view and allowed the audience to make their judgments.  There are so many parts to this show when someone would be like “oh I have no idea what happened to (blank)” and then Netflix would pull up very clear evidence as to what happened.

Like for example, it is very clear that Joe Exotic blew up his own TV studio to get back at Rick Kirkham.  The tape Netflix showed, shows someone limping… Joe is the only person who limps on the show.  Shit even the guy with no legs walks better than him.  Another whole issue is if Carole killed Don Lewis.  I mean who knows what exactly happened, but Netflix sure as hell made it very convincing with creditable accounts that she wasn’t telling the whole story.

The Biggest One of All?

But, the biggest one of all is the hire for kill lie.  I have no idea how this got by the judge or wasn’t used in the case. But Netflix literally has Allen Glover telling the producers he was never going to Tampa to find Carole.  He told the producers he was going home to South Carolina with the money Joe gave him and then went and lied under oath. He then said he was going to Tampa, but turned around because he got scared. That right there would have caused a mistrial and would have freed Joe. It was just so frustrating to watch how they brought Joe down.

Netflix couldn’t have released a better show during this quarantine.  Like the plot, cast of literal characters, and overall how messed up the whole thing was couldn’t have been done any better.

John (@Uncle_Mac4)

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