I Am Not Excited for the Playoffs

The Celtics, yet again, lose another game that they needed to win. With 5 games left, this Celtic team still has no identity. Right now, the Celtics are the 7th seed, which means that they are playing in play in game, unless someone changes these last 5 games.

The Celtics are going to be playoff team whether they play in a series or the one game elimination game, I am not excited for it. It’s just so frustrating watching them. A team that should have been competing for one of the 3 seeds in the Eastern Conference, is most likely going to be eliminated in the first round.

The Celtics need to be the Miami Heat twice in order to avoid the play in game. However, the Celtics are just simply not that good this year and their something off about this team when it comes to big games. It has been a real difficult year to watch and playoffs could be even more difficult.

I have been writing all year long about how the Celtics are doing great in one moment, to simply losing games that they should be winning. I know COVID and injuries have affected the Celtics this season. However, they still have the capability to beat teams that they just were simply better than but they could not do that this year. The season is almost over and my hope is, this nightmare has somewhat of a positive ending.

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-Zachary Connell (@ZackConnell2)


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