I Am INFURIATED With Cordarrelle Patterson

Winning a Super Bowl is the ultimate prize for being in the National Football League. For some, it is the main reason why they play. For others, it’s all about the money. The New England Patriots won their 6th Super Bowl in franchise history this past February. One guy that was a part of that team was Wide Receiver/Special Teams player Cordarrelle Patterson. Patterson was acquired in a trade with Oakland last off-season. He caught 21 passes and had three touchdown receptions with the Patriots this past season. He earned himself a Super Bowl ring, but he doesn’t seem to care about it?

I’m Sorry, WHAT?!

How are you not happy about your Super Bowl ring?! The one thing you play for as a token of being the best team in the NFL, and you’re dismissing it like it’s a division title? That’s a huge red flag to me. I understand that Patterson is now with the Chicago Bears. But sheesh man, take some time to appreciate what you accomplished as a team! It’s not like you were the main reason why the Patriots won the Super Bowl and then you moved on to the next great thing. I don’t know, it just seems pretty weird to me that Patterson is brushing off his Super Bowl win so casually and without any effort.

In Conclusion

I get that Patterson has a new challenge ahead of him. But, don’t you think he would take more time to reflect on something he accomplished that could potentially HELP the Bears this upcoming season? Thank you for your contributions, Cordarrelle. Good luck in your next chapter in Chicago. Just remember what got you your Super Bowl title when you look at your ring next time!

-Alan Nahigian (@BigAl2793)

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