Does the Summer League Even Matter?

With the NBA Summer League coming to an end, cots Memphis on finally winning something, I ask myself if it really matters?  What I mean by matters is that does summer league success actually equate to wins when it really matters.  Now, don’t get me wrong.  I love the summer league and I would never knock it.  I think it’s one of the best things the NBA continually does to make the game better.  It’s competitive and gives fans the chance to see some really young talented players actually get a chance to show their talents.

However, the last 4/5 champions of the Summer League have been terrible or at least underachieved during the regular season.  The last five winners have been Phoenix, Minnesota, Portland, LA Lakers, and this years champ Memphis.  Besides for Portland, all of these teams suck.  So why is it that they can win Summer League, but not make any noise during the regular season?  Answer could be as simple as lack of NBA ready talent, or that there could be something wrong with current players or coaches.  Now it might be a stretch, but I would for sure as hell would take Memphis’ Summer League team over their actual 15 man roster.  I hope Memphis can give more of this “championship” level team a chance to help rebuild.

However, the one issue I do have with Summer League isn’t on the league itself, but more so on the coaches and not letting high level draft picks play.  We saw that this season with Zion Williamson and I really hope this kid isn’t a bust.  From what I saw at Duke I really think he can take the league to heights after LeBron retires, but as for now just play a Summer League game.  The Pelicans sat Zion for the remainder of the league for “health concerns” and “injury precautions.”

Okay, listen here David Griffin…. People want to see this kid play and holding him out for a precaution will only make him get hurt.  I know he banged his knee or whatever, but Zion is 6’10 250Ibs of pure muscle.  Sit him out for that game and then have him come back next game.  Like imagine if we actually saw Zion play, now we have to wait until October.  The Summer League all-in-all is GREAT television, but winning it means shit.  The whole purpose of the Summer League is to see exciting draft picks play against each other in front of thousands and thousands of fans.  Unfortunately, not all teams get on board with that idea.

-John McCormack (Uncle_Mac4)

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