Are Kyrie Irving’s Latest Comments About to Make Celtics Fans’ Heads Explode?

There are ten more games left in the regular season and the Celtics are currently a half a game out of the fourth seed behind the Indiana Pacers. With the team four games out of the third seed, it looks like the Celtics and Pacers will be facing off in the first round of the playoffs. Now the question is, which team will have home court advantage?

The Celtics and Pacers face off two more times in these final ten games. However, Kyrie Irving made some comments this week that might leave you as a fan questioning his leadership.

“I’m definitely taking some games off before the playoffs,” said Irving to NBC Sports Boston’s, Chris Forsberg. “Makes no sense, the emphasis on these regular season games.”

Now there are a couple things to think about when analyzing those comments. First, I see what he is saying, he doesn’t want to risk injury. However, what games are you talking about? I hope you aren’t taking off those two games against the Pacers. Those are big games that can untimely decide which team holds a game seven in the first round if it even got to that point.

The confidence level is high when it comes to Kyrie and his playoff experience. He doesn’t care where he is playing in a series. He believes his play will do the talking and lead them to success throughout the postseason.

However, I think Kyrie should be on the court as much as he can before the playoffs to get into a good rhythm with his team. There are probably a couple games where Kyrie could end up sitting, but I think it be best for the team to have him on the court. This season has been full of ups and downs, so it be ideal for him to be on the court right before playoff time. This team needs to get into a good rhythm before the postseason. So, having Kyrie Irving on the floor during that time will more than likely lead to a deep playoff run.

Zachary Connell (@ZackConnell2)

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