How Many Passes Could You Complete In a NFL Game?

The Denver Broncos got themselves in a really sticky situation this past weekend. On Saturday, it was announced that ALL FOUR of the Broncos quarterback options were in close contact with the coronavirus.

With that being the case, Denver was pretty much helpless in their matchup yesterday against the New Orleans Saints. They ended up losing by a final score of 31-3, only managing to gain a total of 112 yards.

In total, the Broncos finished the game with nine pass attempts. They were only able to complete one pass and were picked off on two occasions. Still, you can’t really blame them considering the guy throwing those passes was Kendall Hinton: a wide receiver on Denver’s practice squad.

Today’s contagious disease practice squad elevation — WR Kendall Hinton. pic.twitter.com/Gv1gdCNTtc

Hinton did play a little bit of quarterback in college at Wake Forest, but he had no chance Sunday. The practice squad wideout had no practice reps during the week and had not played quarterback in a couple of years. He even said after the game Sunday that the playbook for Denver was dumbed down to somewhere between 20 and 30 plays. That led to the game between the Broncos and Saints being truly as uncompetitive as it gets.

And with Hinton’s lackluster performance- through no fault of his own-made me think of the age old question: how many passes would you be able to complete if you played quarterback for a game?

Remember this the next time somebody on Twitter says they could accomplish anything in a pro sport other than immediately fall down.

I know that the question has been asked a million times in living rooms across the country, but the answer is simple: 0. You would not be able to complete a pass in the league.

“Well what if I just threw a screen pass?”  

Well, what if you had 11 of the most athletic people on the planet chasing after you?

There is really almost no chance you, Joe Shmo on the couch, complete a NFL pass. If Hinton was only complete one ball with his experience, I doubt any of us drinking beer and staring at the TV on Sunday would be able to get the job done.

– Jarrod Ribaudo (@jarrod_ribaudo)

Featured image courtesy of Twitter / @BleacherReport

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