How I Became a Boston Bruins, New York Yankees, and New York Giants Fan

I’ve been into sports from the moment I came onto this planet. My dad shaved his head when the Yankees won the World Series in 1996, the year I was born.


I’ve seen a combined eight championships between my three teams in my lifetime. I’m pretty lucky if I do say so myself.


But I’ve also been harassed over my team selection my entire life. I get it, it’s weird. But when you’re from Connecticut, it just makes sense.



For those of you who don’t know, Connecticut is a state in New England. The least cool state at that. There’s nothing to do there except go to New York or Boston to watch your sports teams play.


If you’re from Connecticut, there are literally specified areas of who roots for whom, specifically for baseball.



I grew up in Wallingford, which is on the blue side. Wallingford is right near the Middletown/Durham area on the map.


Here’s another visual. Wallingford is in New Haven county.


Naturally, I’m closest to New York so it would make sense for me to root for all New York teams. I’ve met several people from the “Boston” side of the state and they always end up being fans of Boston teams, unless they have family from New York or if they are originally from there or what have you. That’s where the Yankees and Giants come into play, which makes total sense.


Now, everyone wants to know where the heck the Bruins came from.


New York fans hate it when I express my Boston fandom and Boston fans hate it when I express my New York fandom. But there is a reason for why I am the way that I am.



Blame My Father

My dad was born in 1966. He also grew up in Wallingford and was into sports ever since he could remember. He watched the Yankees and Giants play their games on TV, mostly because all of his friends were New York sports fans. However, for hockey, the only channel he got back then was TV 38 WSBk Boston. The only hockey team he could ever watch was, you guessed it, the Bruins! Remember, this was the 1970s, you couldn’t stream any team onto your TV. You had to work with what you had.


If you watch a team for so long and can only watch that one team, you’re probably going to get attached to them. Since he loved hockey and could only watch the Bruins, that became his team thus turning him into a diehard fan.


Sadly, Connecticut has no major sports teams (they couldn’t even keep the Whalers in Hartford) so when you live in CT, you can really pick and choose whoever you want to be a fan of. I know CT residents who are Montreal Canadiens fans, Tennessee Titans fans, LA Lakers fans, Dallas Cowboys fans, you name it. To me, that’s even weirder than rooting for a New York/Boston combo because you aren’t geographically close to those teams and don’t have much of a connection to them.


The neighbors I grew up next to in Wallingford cheer for the Boston Bruins, Boston Celtics, Boston Red Sox… and New York Giants. Weird? No. It’s just Connecticut.

In Conclusion


So thanks to my dad, here I am with this offensive combination of teams that no one will ever seem to accept unless you’re from CT. I grew up watching the Bruins, Yankees, and Giants because that’s what was always on in my household. It’s not like I’m a Yankees AND Red Sox fan, a Yankees AND Mets fan, a Patriots AND Giants fan, etc. That would be a felony.


It’s actually been a really fun experience because I’ve been on both sides of each fanbase. I harass Red Sox and Patriots fans but I would die for my fellow Bruins fans. It makes things interesting, especially when someone assumes I root for all Boston and I tell them “hell no” but go Bruins!


And NO, I will never switch teams. I will never be all Boston or all New York. I will never root for the Rangers. I will never cross over. I’m loyal through and through no matter how much I get roasted for it. Go Boston and go New York!


– Caylee Allard (@2kaRask)


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