Hockey East To Start On Nov. 20

Today, the Hockey East Twitter account broke the news that the 2020-2021 season will begin on Nov. 20.



No official scheduling information has been released yet.


Fans will not be allowed, at least for the time being. Boston University has already made it clear that fans will not be at any games all season.


Per the Boston Globe, each team will play each other twice for an 18-game schedule. If there are no issues, more games can be added to the schedule. In addition, there will be no post-game handshakes due to COVID.


On top of these changes, the games might not be starting around 7 or 7:30 pm like they usually do. Effective Nov. 6, Massachusetts Governor Charlie Baker announced that businesses must close and gatherings must disperse by 9:30 pm. This will surely affect any game being played in MA.


– Caylee Allard (@2kaRask)


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