High Heat Fantasy Baseball: Episode 14

Every Thursday morning High Heat Fantasy Baseball brings you valuable nuggets to help you win in your fantasy league.
Featuring player breakdowns, news and notes, and our tips on how to manager your roster.  This week Matty and Kevin are joined by Couch Guy Sports’s Digital Content Director, Al Nahigian.  Al is the host of Legends Lingo and a cohost of Into the Triangle, and the CGS Podcast.  Al is awesome and Episode 14 is a must listen if you love Fantasy Baseball.

Topics Covered This Week

  • Struggling starters
  • Hard fought head to head matchups
  • Listeners sent in some trade to grade
  • A brand new segment
  • And obviously so much more

Where Can You Find Us?

You can find the boys on Twitter @MattyKiwoom & @perdios95. You will also check out the podcast’s Twitter handle @HighHeatFBB.  Follow our guest Judge Nahigian @BigAl2793.  Find the show on Spotify, Google Podcasts, Apple Pods. Basically where ever you listen to podcasts.  Please share with your league mates, friends, and hell even your nemesis.

Be sure to keep coming back for more fire fantasy baseball content.


Matty Kiwoom

My name is Matt and I'm a sports-a-holic. *pauses for warm welcome*

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