Golf’s The Match Returns July 6

Return of ‘The Match’

Today, Capital One announced the fourth edition of The Match.  This year’s edition returns with Phil Mickelson and Tom Brady taking on Bryson DeChambeau and Aaron Rodgers.

The Match will take place on July 6 and will be played at the beautiful Moonlight Basin in Big Sky, Montana.

But what is making headlines is the ongoing beef between Brooks Koepka and Bryson DeChambeau.  If you missed Koepka’s interview during the PGA Championship when he eye rolled as DeChambeau walked by, here it is.

After the teams were announced, Koepka tweeted “Sorry Bro @Aaron Rodgers.”  This of course was a shot at DeChambeau and further fueled their ongoing beef.  DeChambeau, of course, had to respond in fashion and it didn’t miss!

The Impact of ‘The Match’

This is awesome for golf!  Anyone who says it isn’t is a dork.  Golf is better when two stars feud.  Koepka and DeChambeau are both top 10 golfers and I honestly can’t tell you the last major golf feud we saw.  I have seen a lot of people say that they need these two paired up for the US Open.  If the USGA wants viewers they will make this happen.  I think this will happen.  It is too good for the sport to not embrace this.

Like I get why these two feud.  Koepka is a normal dude who just likes to go out there and play.  He doesn’t overthink anything or over analyze.  It is the exact opposite of who DeChambeau is.  DeChambeau is a scientist.  He is on his quest for 400 yards and is a fucking crazy person on the course.  I just so happen to love both of them.  I love Koepka’s care-free attitude, but I also love DeChambeau’s scientific approach to be better.  This feud is awesome and we need the USGA to make the pairing happen.

-John (Uncle_mac4)

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