Help on the Way in New England?

There continues to be lots of questions regarding what is going to happen with the Patriots next season. It is still unknown whether or not Quarterback Tom Brady will be back in a Patriots jersey.

However, rumors are swirling around that the Patriots are interested in two players that could lead to Brady coming back. If this is in fact true, it is a good sign for the Patriots and their fans that Brady will be back.

Cincinnati Wide-receiver A.J Green is one of the names mentioned that could be on the move. Green didn’t play a single snap last season after suffering an ankle injury in the preseason. New England could use an outside threat which will help Julian Edelman and James White to get their targets. Last season, teams would focus on Edelman and White, letting everyone else be the reason they would win a game. However, those other guys, Sanu, Michel, Lacosse, and Dorsett, could not get the job done. It led to much frustration for Brady as they couldn’t get anything going on the offensive side of the ball.

Over the last decade, Brady showed that he likes throwing to the Tight-end position and one free-agent that will be on the market starting March 18th is Hunter Henry. He was a reliable target for Phillip Rivers in Los Angeles. It feels like Henry hasn’t hit his stride yet as there were times when Rivers would struggle and Henry couldn’t get going. If Brady and Henry were on the same team, then Brady would more than likely use Henry because of his size and his ability to catch the ball. Henry is another name rumored that New England could be interested in pursuing.

These two names would be good enough to get Brady back in New England. The Patriots still have Julian Edelman and James White, which everyone knows Brady does trust them as reliable targets. All Brady wants is help and to win. If the Patriots make moves at the receiver position, then Brady will be back in a New England Patriot’s uniform.

Zachary Connell (@ZackConnell2)

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