Has an Ownership Group Ever Looked This Bad?

While the heat outside continues to rise, so does my hatred for the fact that there is no baseball being played. I’m done blaming one side or the other. Yes, the owners are the absolute worst and need to figure out there lives. At the same time, though, the players can drive this situation and, at every turn, right or wrong, continue just to pass the ball back to the Owners. It’s tiring. This is why kids don’t want to watch baseball, a bunch of greedy A-holes runs the league that employes a bunch of airheads. They now disagree over ten games…10 God damn games. Embarrassing!


Sports that now have the “easy way out” of not having to come back because their sport season is over are on the verge of coming back before you! All of which include WAY more touching that baseball does. It’s coming up on the 4th of July in a few weeks, and we will be without baseball because you guys as a group can’t put your heads together just bit the bullet and do what is best for your already dying sport. I’ll tell you right now that if baseball is not played in 2020, safely, of course, it will suffer irreversible damage. This is coming from someone who is a die-hard baseball fan. It will be embarrassing.


The ball is in your court. You all jump on Twitter and post “Tell us when and where” so the owners tell you when and where and now all of a sudden your all just nope just kidding! Like, figure it out! You have a new collective bargaining agreement coming up after next year. I know the owners included the no grievances thing in their proposal, but none of you have to file grievances. Just use this as more ammo to fill the gun against the owners. We all know they are the absolute worst. Use this situation as an example of we scratched your back, now you scratch ours.

OR, you just don’t come back. I don’t condone this approach because I think it will cause irreversible damage to the sport, but it also allows you the opportunity to fix the sport. Sit out this year, role into the CBA, and have a constructive list of things that need to change within the sport to make it more of an engaging fan sport. Have more players, coaches, and umpires mic’d up. Shorten the game from 9 to 7 innings shorting the games and forcing the managers to manage. Finally, shorten the damn season. There is no business for it to be 162 games. Push it to 100 or a little less. Put more emphasis on every game. I am just spitballing ideas here. The players in the NBA run that league, maybe MLB players start taking their league back as well.


Remember how earlier I said I was done blaming sides, and they both look terrible? Well, I lied! The owners look awful, and anything that comes of this will be a giant negative. That blame falls solely on the owner’s shoulders. Rob Manfred should and will be fired if baseball is not played, and the Owners have already pissed off every one of their employees. I have no other words to describe it besides completely and utterly embarrassing. I’m starting to hope there is no baseball for the pure enjoyment of hearing the absolute dumpster fire of these owners trying to explain why baseball is not going to be played.

-Kevin Perdios (@Perdios95)

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