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23 Clemson Football Players Test Positive For COVID-19

Yesterday, a report came out that said 28 total Clemson student-athletes tested positive for the COVID-19 virus, and 23 of them being football players.

Now these 28 athletes have to quarantine for 14 days and then re-test before they are allowed to continue practicing.

What This Means

This is a terrible, terrible, terrible look for college sports.  Yesterday was a weird time for college athletics.  A lot of teams held COVID-19 safety and training situations with their athletic departments and then this report hits Clemson.  23 football players to be exact.  This is a terrible look and it puts the whole season at risk.  We have already had teams refuse to play (USC) and a lot more are gaining traction to do the same.  This just makes me think that college football isn’t going to happen this year or even college sports.

Besides Clemson, UCLA also made headlines by asking for a third party health official to be on standby because they don’t trust head coach, Chip Kelly.

Final Thoughts

Like what the hell is happening?!  Are we going to see a revolution in college sports this year?  I honestly think we might.  These players are starting to realize that THEY are the reason these schools make the money they do, not the coaches or presidents of the schools.  It is the players.  Also no one knows their coach better than the players and the fact they don’t trust Chip Kelly then its pretty obvious he’s got to go.  What sucks is this isn’t going to be the only two COVID-19 cases or uproars we’ll see.  I fully expect majority of the schools to be in some sort of disagreement with administration.

Then what happens?  They cancel the season.  Obviously no one wants the season to be cancelled.  But after Clemson had 23 football players test positive, it’s like how do we protect these players?  Sure, you can force them to stay in their dorms but you know how pissed off they will be?  I hope this is just a little speed bump and not a massive issue we will see moving forward.  Obviously coaches and players need to be on the same page with this and feel 100% safe if we want a season to happen.  Obviously everyone wants to play but if they are still testing positive in June or don’t trust their coach to act accordingly then we might be in for a long off-season.

-John McCormack (Uncle_Mac4)

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