HANLEY RAMIREZ No Longer Under Federal Investigation

We finally have answers from the absolutely bizarre story from early this weekend about Hanley Ramirez being under federal investigation.

Apparently, one of Ramirez’s friends was moving fentynal from New York to Massachusetts a few months ago. This friend of his decided it would be a good idea to name drop Hanley to the police in hopes of avoiding an arrest. Obviously, that didn’t work out in his favor.

Hanley did a good job of keeping quiet while this story played out. That was until last night, when he decided to hop on Twitter and shove his cleared name in all of our faces, as he should have:

I’ll be honest, when this story initially dropped, I believed it. It seemed very fishy to me that no teams had shown interest in a guy who has 30 home-run potential. That, along with the fact that a lot of credited journalists admitted they were sitting on the story for a few months only made me believe it had to be true. I guess this just goes to show that we shouldn’t believe everything we see until all of the facts come out. I’m sorry for doubting you, Hanley.

-Nick Cherico (@NickCherico2)

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