Guys, Booger McFarland Needs To See A Doctor



Listen, I get it. Football is a tough sport. NFL linemen get injured every play. But this right here – this hand and these fingers on Booger McFarland are the things nightmares are made of.

Our pal Booger is really out there looking like Spongebob.


He’s in the booth looking like the world famous wicket keeper David Morrison (super relatable).


Booger is live on national television trying to use the telestrator with his strong hand.


But for real, we need to figure something out for this football season. I can’t be looking at Booger McFarland’s fingers every game.

A couple simple solutions I thought of that could help: oven mitts, health insurance, ventriloquism, a different career, keeping his mangled hands off the screen, dismemberment.

Good for Booger for getting out there and fingering the world, though. I’ll never have that type of confidence.

– Rob Jones RobDark_13

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