Gotta Respect Drake Talking Smack To Everyone On The Wizards Last Night

If you’re a die hard fan for any team in any sport, how can you not respect Drake for laying it all out there, talking smack right in all of the Wizard’s faces last night? He isn’t up in the nosebleeds screaming stuff that you know the players can’t here. He’s legit right in their faces calling them bums. Incredible.

Listen, the reason that I love this so much is because if I were a celebrity I’d be the same exact way at Sox games. Giancarlo Stanton wouldn’t get into the box at Fenway without hearing me chirp him. I’d be so obnoxious it’d be borderline dumb.

I respect this on a million levels. And it was cool to see Kelly Oubre brush it off and talk about how he and Drake are boys. I got to imagine that he respects the smack talk game too.

I love Drake. The guy is the man and just barely ever causes drama. I’m ALL in so keep on crushing it courtside. One of the best parts about watching the bum Raptors is seeing what Drake’s doing.

-Nick Quaglia

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