Are The Celtics The New Cavaliers?

Remember when LeBron and company use to reign in the Eastern Conference Playoffs? Well, those days are about to an end. The East is up for grabs, but the Celtics looked like the top dog last night.

The Celtics came out firing on all cylinders last night, as they took down the Bucks 120 – 106. Who said that the Celtics needed Kyrie Irving to win in the Playoffs? Brown and Scary Terry seemed to feel just fine putting up huge numbers. Before I get into everything, I just want to say that this series is over. The Celtics scorching hot, and they’ll not be cooled down anytime soon. Sure the Bucks will win a game at their home court. The Celtics will just rip their hearts out and win game 4 and 5.

From the start, the C’s had full control of this game. They controlled the tempo and made a small number of mistakes. The game did get close at certain points. However,  the Celtics made all the right moves when it counted the most. Brown dropped 30 points while Terry chipped in with 23. I was also very surprised about was how well the bench played. Morris, Monroe, and Larkin all stepped up.


To cap it all of,  there was some drama after the game. During a post-game interview, Eric Bledsoe was asked about Terry Rozier. Bledsoe then pretended as if he had no clue who Rozier is. What a loser! Bledsoe, all you are doing is adding fuel to the fire buddy. Rozier took you to town last night, and he’ll continue to do so for the remainder of the series.

Game 3 is scheduled for Sunday, April 22nd. Get pumped and be ready for another exciting Playoff game.

Connor Strayer (@Big_C19)

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