Goodell Can’t Stop Crying About Matt Patricia’s Shirt

Every Patriots fan remembers the shirt defensive coordinator Matt Patricia was wearing when he got off the plane following the Super Bowl win over the Falcons. We’re close to 6 months removed from it, and Goodell STILL can’t get over it. Why does this guy have to be such a baby when it comes to anything involving the Pats? He wouldn’t give up on deflate-gate, he REFUSED to show his face in New England after the fact, and now he can’t stop whining over a damn t-shirt! Suck it up, man. If he had just dropped deflate-gate he wouldn’t be under attack by every single Patriots fan right now. Nothing he can do or say will change how he handled that situation, meaning that the hate will never go away. It’s his own fault.

Patriots linebacker Rob Ninkovich even stood up for Patricia’s choice to wear the shirt. He was quoted saying “everyone has the right to wear a shirt, right? You can’t just wear no shirt. I think someone threw it at Patricia and he said ‘All right, nice shirt, it’s cool, it’s blue, so I’ll put it on.’ I thought it was a pretty funny shirt.” And that’s all it was meant to be, A JOKE. Goodell’s brain is so wrapped around the fact that everyone who lives in New England hates his guts that he’s letting a small joke fly right over his head. Who knew Barstool could get so far inside somebody’s head just by designing a simple t-shirt? It’s astounding. Goodell’s a baby.

Written By: Nick Cherico (@NickCherico2)

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