Gilmore and Butler have the Potential to be the Top CB Pair in the NFL

With NFL Training camps on the horizon, football fans across the country are now shaking off the highs and lows of last year and starting to fall in love with their new rosters.  From Seattle to Miami fans are starting to lock in on the strengths of their teams, ignoring the weaknesses and thinking about what could be.  As the reigning, defending and undisputed kings of the NFL mountain it is hard to think the team could be better than last year but an all time offseason may have put the Pats even further over the top.

When the Pats signed Gilmore pessimistic Patriot’s fans thought it must mean that they would have to say goodbye to their Super Bowl Hero.  But because Bill Belichick is a GREAT GM on top of being the GREATEST Coach and overall amazing american, he managed to keep them both.  Gilmore now joins a STACKED secondary with Butler, McCourty, and Chung.

Gilmore’s size and skill set will go a long way in masking the few deficiencies in Malcolm Butler’s game namely he can be taken advantage of by large outside receivers.  Belichick is at his heart a secondary coach and he can do some amazing things to hide some of the worst of his defences weaknesses when he has had some shit secondaries.  Giving him the talent on this roster is borderline unfair.

Written By: Jason MacKinnon (@oohkillemJason)

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