Give Me the Bills

Bills Mafia Divisional Round

I want The Bills here in Foxboro for the Patriots first game. One, because I don’t want to see Kansas City. The real reason though…BILLS MAFIA.

This team hasn’t been into the Playoffs since 1999. How great would it be to see them win a game against one of the best defensive teams of 2017. Then, have that team come to Foxboro and face the team that has haunted their table breaking dreams for years. Get hyped Bills Mafia for a week calling out Brady, then watching the 40-year-old MVP spank them back to Orchard Park.

Don’t get me wrong, I would rather The Titans over anyone. They are playing like crap and Mariota doesn’t have the stones to come to Brady’s haven and win. Tyrod Taylor doesn’t either, but a division game in the playoffs would just be a blast.

Rest of The Playoffs

Looking around the AFC, the only team that should concern the Patriots is the Steelers. They’ll have Antonio Brown back and want revenge for their own mistake. They want to beat big brother Tom to go back to the big game. That being said, they won’t.

The Ravens losing, in my eyes, opened the door WIDE OPEN for the Pats to hit the road to Minneapolis to most likely play the Vikings.

The Bills will beat the Jaguars in the first round and will set up a divisional round between two AFC foes. GIVE ME BILLS MAFIA OR GIVE ME DEATH!

Until then, enjoy the wonders of Bills Mafia:

Bills Cocaine

Bills Handsy Fan

Written by: Jared Scali (@Jared_Scali)

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