Giancarlo Stanton Update

Im going to start this off by saying of course I would love to have Stanton hitting bombs on to the MassPike in a Red Sox uniform, I mean come on what team wouldn’t want him on their uniform? The guy is a monster and would put up godly numbers hitting in Fenway 81 times a year no one is questioning that.

BUT, do you really want to trade a ton of young guys OR take on his 10 year $295 million dollar contract, lets face it it’s going to be one or the other the Marlins are crazy if they think they can dump the money and get a huge haul of prospects back, it is just banana land to think that. Stanton has already said he prefers to go to LA but has his advisors pushing him for Boston. I do not want a guy on this team that has to be convinced to play here, we need players like Chris Sale who wants to be here and will go balls to the wall every time he gets the chance to play. That is a formula for disaster plan and simple. I AM OFFICIALLY OFF THE STANTON TO BOSTON TRAIN!

Following suit with our great leader, Quags, it is time to go get Hosmer or Martinez. People seem to be forgetting that the Red Sox won 94 games last year and won the division. Yes, there needs to be changes in the middle of the lineup and Stanton would more than fill that void but so would Hosmer or Martinez along with possible 5 other free agents on the market.

People are sleeping on Carlos Santana as well, but why? He consistently sits between 25-35 home runs and driving in 80-90 RBI’s a year. Is it the ideal guy? Im not sure but knowing the option of having a switch hitting 1B/DH in the middle of our lineup defintly adds a new element to this already productive lineup.

Hanley, JBJ, Mookie all had great years in 2016 and fell off offensively drastically in 2017, missing part? That huge bat of David Ortiz in the middle of the order. That was no longer the case and it showed pitchers were flat out not scared to pitch more carefully to our lineup because that home run threat was non-existent. Add a solid power threat in Santana, Hosmer, Martinez and I assure you that JBJ (if he is still on this team come April), Mookie and Hanley will all see more pitches to hit and their numbers will be similar to the ones they posted in 2016.

There is many ways Dombrowski can go but one thing is for sure, I would stay out of the Stanton sweepstakes strictly because the last thing this club needs is another player that just does not want to be playing in a Red Sox uniform. I know, it is ok, I am crying inside too.

Written By: Kevin Perdios (@Perdios95)

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