Get Ready For The Challenge Vendettas

Are there any MTV The Challenge fans out there? Well good, because for the first time I will be covering this next season “The Challenge: Vendettas”. This season should be a doozy, since the cast is already looking great. This season will be played out in Spain, while twenty-eight players pursue their personal vendettas against each other.  Also for the first time ever, there will only be one competitor winning the grand prize of $500,000. Right off the bat, I can tell you that I am not feeling some of this cast. MTV has gone away from taking people from the “Real World”, and has starting taking contestants from shows such as Big Brother, Are You The One, and Ex On The Beach? Come on MTV enough with this crap. Real Challenge fans want to see old Challenge favorites, not these new contestants from terrible shows. I am not saying these competitors from these shows are week, but they do not know what they are getting into with T.J. Lavin and The Challenge. However, I do think this season will be full of drama and surprises.

Can Corey and Nelson finally get past Johnny Bananas? Will Tony make more dumb decisions and cheat on who ever he is dating? Will everyone’s favorite Leroy, finally win? How many girls will Nicole hook up with this time? Will Jemmye continue to use her weird mind tricks to see into the future? These are all questions that should be answered when The Challenge Vendettas airs on Tuesday, January, 2nd.

 As you can tell from the trailer, this season is going to be electric. If I had to pick a winner out of the group of guys, I would have to go with someone who has played the game before. A rookie from another show, rarely makes it to the final. As Bananas would say, “You have to earn your stripes”. So look for the vets to start throwing the rookies into eliminations. To be 100% honest, Zack Nicholes would have to be my favorite to win out of the group of guys. He is a veteran player, and I think he gets along with most people in the house. I would have picked Bananas, but their are a lot of people gunning for him in this season. I would have chosen Nelson, but he makes dumb decisions all the time and it would not surprise me if he ended up getting kicked off for the second season in a row. Leroy is also a favorite of mine, but he never gets it done in big moments. Maybe that will change?

For the girls, my decision was extremely tough. Cara Marian would be everyone’s favorite, but she is to dangerous. All of the rookies, along with the veteran girls should throw her in elimination as soon as they get the chance. Cara Maria is an absolute savage in challenges and is also pretty smart when it comes to the final. Nicole Zanatta would also be a fair pick to win, but she also makes stupid decision all of the time. She tries way to hard to hook up with other girls on the show and that may be downfall this season. If Nicole does make it to the finals look out, because she to is a beast when it comes to challenges. My pick may surprise some people, but I am going with Marie Roda. Marie has been in a few challenges before, and she is one of the smartest girls in the house. She may try way to hard to eliminate some top dogs early, so I am swinging for the fences with this pick.

Like I said, none of the rookie players will win this season of The Challenge Vendettas. If you are new to the show because your favorite person from Big Brother or Are You The One is on the show, then you need to get ready to learn a lot about The Challenge. The vets in this show will not let rookies from other shows get to the finals unless they know that they are a “lay up”. Meaning that they are such bad competitors that they will be carried to the Finals so a veteran can get an easy win. Starting January, 2nd, I will be giving my take after each episode of The Challenge Vendettas. 

Written By: Connor Strayer (@Big_C19)

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