Get Excited By The Return Of Gordon Hayward

While the Lakers and Warriors have made some big moves this offseason, the Celtics have been fairly quiet. They signed a couple of players, but they were certainly not big names. However, I believe that the Celtics didn’t need to sign any big names. It’s surprising, but a lot of people have been sleeping on Gordan Hayward. Yes, he was out all of last season, but he was one of the best players in the world before his injury.

After following Hayward for most of the season, I saw how determined this guy was. He suffered a gruesome injury and he has been working hard to come back better than ever before. Hayward is a 6’8 stud who can shoot from long range, drive to the hoop, and run an offense. He also has the ability to be an awesome defender. Think it about it, we barely got to see how Hayward can contribute to this Boston Celtics team.

There may be a few chemistry issues to deal with once Hayward gets back into the rotation, but I am not worried about that. He is one of the most unselfish players I have seen in a while. There is no question with Hayward back in the lineup that the Celtics are going to the NBA Finals next season. While he was out, other players had the opportunity to step up. Players like Brown, Tatum, and even Baynes received ample playing time last season.

With all this being said, I don’t see any reason why the Celtics shouldn’t get to 60 plus wins next season. Seriously, with LeBron now in the Western Conference, the East looks like a cake walk. I don’t see any team in the East even coming close to the Celtics. So Boston Celtics fans get excited by the return of Gordon Hayward. He is going to propel the C’s to another level.

Connor Strayer (@Big_C19)


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