Gerrit Cole Wasn’t Exactly Eager to Speak After Game 7 Loss

It was a World Series for the ages.  The improbable Washington Nationals who haven’t sniffed the World Series ever as a franchise and the heavy favorite Houston Astros.  And this series had every sports fan two favorite words.  Game seven.

For the first time ever across the three sports that have series, the road team won every single game.  And even with all the complaints that baseball games are too long, we were on the edge of our seats wanting more.  Yes the series was a great one, but it was what happened after that may have some people raising an eyebrow.

A Houston Astros employee asked pitcher Gerrit Cole to speak to the media following the loss.  His response, “I’m unemployed.”  Understandable response after losing game seven at home.  Furthermore; he was out in the bullpen all game long and never came in to pitch.

Cole did eventually speak to the media as a “representative of himself”.  But listening to him speak, I think he’s done with Houston.


The exchange though beforehand felt a little odd.  Obviously that moment is an awkward one, your emotions are running high with anger and sadness.  Gerrit Cole probably just got caught up in the moment real briefly and realized what the right thing to do is.

Cole will become a free agent this offseason.  Safe to say many teams will be lining up to sign the former #1 overall draft pick.


-Brian Berard (@RockyBerard)

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