Geaux Tigers!

The Final Four…college football edition was released Sunday and thank God the committee got it right because they could have seriously ruined this entire thing.  Real quick, I think the match ups will be great.  LSU-Oklahoma will be really fun to watch.  I expect Mr. Burrow to throw all over that sorry excuse for a defense and LSU will win comfortably.  OSU-Clemson will be THE game though.  The spread is currently Clemson -2, which is interesting, but I think OSU is the better team.  Must watch game.

But, it’s not OSU or Clemson’s year to hoist the trophy.  It’s LSU’s and Joe Burrow’s to lift.  Joe Burrow has been the most talked/well liked college athlete in quite some time.  I love Burrow and LSU and I am heavily rooting for them to win the championship this year.  The journey for Burrow and Coach O have been the sports version of a Hallmark movie.

If you didn’t know, Burrow actually started off at OSU and after losing the job to JT Barrett and Cardale Jones he transferred to LSU where he wasn’t promised anything.  Before transferring to OSU, Burrow actually wanted to go to Nebraska but Scott Frost thought Nebraska kids were better than OSU guys…I don’t know but you can’t help stupid.

Burrow went to LSU and learned the playbook and then was a fine starter.  However, this year he showed the world how good of a player he was, and oh my he’s legit.  Burrow will be the number one overall pick in the 2020 NFL Draft and he is already so much better than Tua.  Burrow in my opinion will be one of the best SEC QB’s to ever play in the conference.  Just seeing what he’s been able to accomplish after transferring and literally only caring about winning is great.

This all stems from the culture that Coach O brings.  Coach O is a great coach and is one of the best player coaches in all of football.  There isn’t a coach out there that cares more about his players than Coach O does.  That is why this is a match made in Heaven with him and Burrow.  They are both really hard workers and care mostly about the betterment of the team.  I don’t think there has been a favorite who is loved by so many people.  Plan and simple, if you aren’t rooting for LSU then you don’t have a heart.  Geaux Tigers!

John McCormack (Uncle_Mac4)

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