Bruins Shopping Moore

The Boston Bruins have been getting healthier and healthier as the season has gone on and they are getting to the point where they have too many guys and not enough ice time or cap room for all of them. Recently, they’ve been shopping veteran defenseman John Moore who has come back from an injured sternum and has played four straight games. Moore has played well in his time back and fit right in on the third pairing. He’s shown that he is healthy enough to help a team whether that be the Bruins or a potential trade partner. Moore’s reasonable contract of this season and three more at 2.75 million a season, make him a good trade for a team looking to solidify their backend for multiple seasons.

Moore has slowly become the odd man out after he was outplayed last season by newcomer Connor Clifton and didn’t see much action in the playoffs. With him coming off injury the Bruins placed him on long term injured reserve and were at least able to bury his cap hit for a little while. Now that he is healthy again the Bruins are pushed right back up against the cap and have no money left in space. Freeing themselves of Moore’s contract creates more flexibility for them now and in the future if they look to add a player near the deadline. Especially with Kevin Miller nearing return the Bruins need to move a defenseman even if they only get a mid to late round pick in return.

Moore is still young at only 29 and could help a bunch of teams over the next few seasons. A good spot to look would be out West as likely no Atlantic teams would do the Bruins a favor and give them any cap relief. With a lot of teams in a cap crunch Moore’s reasonable contract sticks out, teams such as Colorado, Winnipeg and Dallas would be fits. Colorado doesn’t have a logjam of left defenseman and Moore would likely work out as a perfect third pairing guy for them. His contract fits into their future plans as they have a young core and Moore’s deal would allow them to keep their young players paid fairly. In Winnipeg this might be a move for their future, if the Bruins sweetened the deal by sending a pick back in return Winnipeg might take the contract. Plus he would play for them and contribute more there than he currently does for the B’s. Lastly, Dallas would be a taker for Moore. Especially for their future as they have two UFA d-man at the end of the year and Moore serves as an upgrade from both of them. He fits in under their salary cap and could come in and win a job right away.

The clock is ticking on an impending trade for the Bruins, Kevin Miller continues to get healthier and once he does the Bruins will exceed the salary cap and be forced to deal somebody. Moore may be the odd man out and with his contract he becomes the easiest piece to trade. The Bruins have had a successful season so far but they aren’t without their weaknesses, specifically a void at second line RW. If they want to address this need they have to make a move to clear out salary.

The Bruins are in action tonight against the Washington Capitals at 7:00.

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