Future New England Patriot Opts Out

Today is the unofficial start to the college football season. The Big Ten conference announced their new schedule on Wednesday and training camp begins today.

But with that also comes the continuing big names opting out of the 2020 season. Which included a new one yesterday which honestly surprised me.

Who is Rondale Moore?

Rondale Moore is one of the most talented and versatile wide receivers in the country. He might not be a household name to some because he plays for the Purdue Boilermakers. And while Purdue has been a better team under Jeff Brohm than in years past, they still are not an Alabama.

But he should be, and I’m sure soon will be for many, hopefully in the region of New England.

He is your prototypical slot receiver in stature but also has the speed and elusiveness that makes him a first round talent.

He would seemingly fit in perfectly into the Patriots offense. Does it change a bit without Tom Brady at the helm? Perhaps. But elusive slot receivers have always been a key to a Josh McDaniels offense.

Purdue used him for literally everything. Slot receiver, deep threat, screen extraordinaire, running back, punt and kick returner. And I would imagine the Patriots would use him the exact same way.

Imagine giving McDaniels and Belichick a piece like this to work with. A guy with the speed and elusiveness of Cordarrelle Patterson, and the quickness and hands of Wes Welker.

The only question is…Can the Patriots get him?

Moore is a no doubt about it first round talent. But where does he land? For some teams, they have zero interest in drafting a slot wide receiver in the top half of the draft, even for one who does it all.

A guy like Percy Harvin, who had these same type of talents as Moore does, was the 22nd overall pick in the 2009 draft. Deebo Samuel, a smaller receiver who can burn was a second round pick in 2019.

The only true slot receiver, all around weapon I can recall being a top ten pick, was Tavon Austin, who was selected 8th overall in 2013. And that pick is regarded as a bust.

A Realistic Scenario

So let’s say Moore falls to the range of picks 15-25 which I think is exactly where he will fall. Is it that crazy to imagine the Patriots selecting around those picks in 2021? This year they selected at number 23.

And now they go into a season without Tom Brady, and without a slew of top players who have opted out. Leads me to believe the Pats are right where they want to be to grab Moore.

Now the question is, does Belichick spend two out of three years of first round draft picks on a wide receiver? After shocking everyone and taking N’keal Harry in the first round in 2018, does he dare use first round capital on a wide out again? Even one as versatile and talented as Moore?

I have not run across any mock drafts that have him going to the Patriots just yet. Although basing any player to team specific predictions on mock drafts this early on is pretty futile. But, there are some publications that have Moore falling right where the Patriots, I predict, will be drafting next year.

Final Thoughts

While I would be excited to see Rondale Moore in a Patriots uniform, it will be disheartening to not see him in the college ranks this fall. Purdue will miss him dearly and even as a fan of a rival school he is still a ton of fun to watch.

It also sucks for a school like Purdue, where these types of players do not come around all that often for them. They only got two years of him, as compared to perhaps at the least three. I feel bad for Purdue fans today, this one stings, perhaps the most prolific player in their schools history in and out in the blink of an eye.

And we will never forget what he did to Ohio State in 2018. And I will repeat, THIS WAS AS A FRESHMAN!

But while Rondale Moore exits the college football and Big Ten scene. Enter in Wandale Robinson, another versatile, does it all, elusive player who is basically a carbon copy of Moore.

And yes he plays for Nebraska (insert winky face emoji). And he’s only a sophomore.

Connor Ryan (@connoryan68/@PodVerbalCommit)

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