From Woj-Bombs to F-Bombs

Well, it wasn’t a good Friday for top ESPN NBA reporter Adrian Wojnarowski. On Friday Woj tweeted an apology for telling Republican Missouri Sen. Josh Hawley “F*ck You”. Woj went all Karen like on the Senator in an email over Hawley’s criticism of the NBA and China.

Now, I am not going to get all political on you because quite frankly there is enough of that in the world and I want to entertain you. This isn’t a good look for one of the top reporters at the World Wide Leader in Sports.

How It Started

The whole thing started when the Senator Hawley sent out a press release regarding messages about players in the NBA were allowed to put on their jersey’s and then he tweeted the following:


Senator Hawley in typical social media fashion screen shot the Woj-Bomb and then the rest was history. Twitter went off like Steph Curry draining 3’s for the Warriors and people have called for Woj to lose his job and some have come to defense for the top ESPN writer.

The NFL Network’s Charles Robinson is standing along aside Woj and backing him for his comments towards the Senator.

Apparently Robinson is no fan of the Missouri Senator and made that very clear in the tweet. Since the backlash has begun on social media, Woj has apologized for his comments.

My Thoughts on the Situation

I don’t expect Woj’s firing coming from telling the Senator to “F*ck Off”. I mean if you’re on social media, there’s a lot more hateful speech towards other politicians, including the man currently occupying 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. It was extremely random to see Woj be that person embroiled in controversy in a time where everything that is said, tweeted, Facebooked, Snapchatted and in the words of the great Bill Belichick, Snapfaced, you need to be carefully because people will go all SJW on you and try and bring you down.

Woj has been with ESPN for three years and is known for being the top NBA Insider in the sport. If news breaks regarding the NBA, you immediately go to Woj’s twitter page and ensure he tweeted to know it’s true.

Final Thoughts

Hopefully, Woj will weather the storm and move on from this and get back to breaking news. Also, having said that, our politician’s need to stop focusing on sports and focus on the coronavirus pandemic and the racial divide in our country. Ok, stop Chris… you said you weren’t going to do that. We don’t need to cancel Woj. He’s already apologized to the Senator. Let’s move on and get ready for the NBA to return.

What a time to be alive, 2020 just keeps them coming, nothing ceases to amaze me. We now go back to our regularly scheduled program.

-Chris Henrique (@ChrisHenrique)

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