Fried-Ay: Loose Change, Antonio Brown’s A Clown, and Vice

Okay, so it’s officially Friday, which means it’s Fried-ay, which means I’m fucking back—in a big way. For the record, I haven’t blogged for this site in a solid week, but don’t think that means I haven’t been doing the damn thing in regards to other damn things. Since Christmas, I’ve been chopping up/finalizing what will inevitably be the greatest documentary since Loose Change (a documentary for people who love truth in the face of corporate/political corruption).

Speaking of Loose Change, check out the Couch Guy Sports podcast on iTunes and subscribe/give it 5 stars. Our fearless CEO hit up our Slack group and told us to do the same so Nick, if you’re reading this, I’ll end up doing so once I figure out how to do so…

Shameless, obligatory weekly disclaimer: Every Fried-ay blog, I make sure to always explain the premise of the Fried-ay blog; thus, the Fried-ay blog is the sausage of the blog industry. There are no transitions, no fluidity, no rhyme and no reason. The Fried-ay blog is just a collection of shit that tumbles around in my brain like a pair of socks in the dryer. Once the end of the week strikes, I just bury them in a blog. Okay, here we go…

Once again, Joestradamus hits his mark. For those unfamiliar, Joestradamus is my alter ego that predicts the future on a fairly consistent basis. I’m not saying I’m a genius, but I low-key am, which leads to me calling stuff before it inevitably happens.

What I’m referring to (at least, this time) is this whole Antonio Brown controversy. As an unsufferable asshole, I know one when I see one, and… yep.

There’s always been something about Antonio Brown that has irked me, and FINALLY it’s coming to the surface. I can’t accurately tell you why I’ve always felt this way, but I have. It’s just something about that braindead, sparkling smile he’s always giving when cameras around.

For those who remember, he was the one who caught Mike Tomlin (veteran moron) on Facebook live a year ago talking shit about the Patriots during a postgame speech (Spoiler alert: the Steelers got absolutely pumped by the Titans and never faced the Patriots last year in the playoffs because they’re a second-rate, piece of shit franchise with no business showing the entitlement they do).

During that video, you can see Antonio just blankly staring into that camera with those doll eyes and that infamous braindead smile I talked about. Part of me wants to just dig a pitching wedge into the side of his head and study his reaction. Part of me thinks he’d just stand back up, pull an iPhone out of his pocket, and do that 360-degree bar scene pan around that every 19-year old college dipshit has mastered. In other words, the wheel’s spinning, but the hamster’s dead.

I saw Vice last night and although I thought it was really good, I’m too confused about how I feel to devote a full-fledged blog to it.

First things first, I love Adam McKay. If you don’t think you’re a fan of Adam McKay, it probably just means you’re unfamiliar with his work. From Anchorman, to Step Brothers, to Talladega Nights, to the grossly underrated The Other Guys, he probably has the best comedic track record aside from Judd Apatow. Most recently, he’s begun his transition into more serious stuff and hit it out of the park with The Big Short, which got me excited for this film.

As is always with McKay, the script was great and his hit-or-miss directorial style gave the film a fresh feel, but I just can’t tell how great the core story was. Part of this was because the screenplay was so well executed by the likes of Christian Bale—who should win Best Actor—and Steve Carell. As I said, this is just a tough one to call; that said, I gave it an 8.85 after careful review.

– Joey Boats (@joey_boats)

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