Four Women That Are Changing The Culture in the Browns Organisation.

It’s no secret the National Football League is a male-dominated industry. With only 38.2% of NFL League Office level positions filled by women. While the league is working to change this,  women within the Browns organization are working now to change that percentage.

Callie Brownson.

As a young child Callie had always loved football, at age 10 she started to play and at the end of the season and even won rookie MVP of the season. As Callie grew older it became more difficult for her to play football, Mount Vernon High School wouldn’t allow her to play football, but this wasn’t going to stop her and nothing could.

Once she had graduated High School she attended George Mason university where she left with a sports management Degree. She soon took up coaching at Mount Vernon but she already wanted to go further than coaching High School football.

Callie managed to work her way through the NFL by working with teams such as the Bills and the New York Jets where she worked as an intern. It was no secret that Kevin Stefanski wanted to bring more woman into the Cleveland Browns and that started by making history on signing Callie Brownson as chief of staff. History was made.

Megan Rock.

Megan Rock works as the Player Personnel Coordinator alongside Andrew Berry working on the draft and free agency, she  wasn’t sure if she belonged on the football side of operations, not having a deep football background and wondering how welcoming the men would be. She soon realised that they were as welcoming and helpful as they could be.

Megan always felt that people wouldn’t take her seriously or listen to her as she didn’t grow up playing football and she didn’t know how to analyse film but Rock soon realised it’s ok to ask questions and the men want more woman in the sport just as much as they do.

Katy Meassick

Katy Meassick is the performance dietician for the Browns. She is always making sure every player meets his personal goal with his respective diet, It’s not all about food she also sits down with each player and develops goals for their food, workouts and more.

Katy always wanted to work in football coming from a football family but even if you have a football background it doesn’t mean it’ll be an easy ride. At First Meassick wanted to be an athletic trainer and a lot of time she was told no.

In an industry that is relatively new, Meassick paved the way for full-time dietitians in the league in a time when the position was not all that common, she never gave up on working with in the sport and her dream finally did come true.

Jenner Tekancic

Jenner Tekancic has worked with the Browns for the past 23 years working as a Vice President in community relations. Tekanic  has seen the growth in the NFL over the past 23 years that she has been there and it excites and gets her hopeful for the future where we will hopefully see a woman as a head coach. 

When Jenner attended college people would also say “you’re a female you can’t have a job in sports”. Jenner response was always “the sky is the limit” and that is something we should all live by. There is so many different roles opening up in the NFL for woman and Jenner is excited to see more woman coming into the sport and prove that the sport industry isn’t just for the men.


These are only a few of the incredible woman that work within the Cleveland Browns organisation and help keep the ship running, It isn’t just the players and coaches there is a whole team behind the scenes making sure the team can be as successful as possible.

These four women that I have mentioned used the doubters to push them further into their careers, but now they hope that they can create a future for girls and young women that can help alleviate those hurdles making sure the next generation feels as though they DO belong.

I hope one day to see a female head coach but for now these four woman are changing the views of woman in sport and hopefully getting girls in school to think ” yes I can make it in NFL, I can work in sports”.


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