Former Steelers Future HOF Linebacker, James Harrison, Is In Foxboro Meeting With The Patriots

This is way too good to be true.

James Harrison, who was cut from the Steelers on Saturday, has now cleared waivers meaning he is now a free agent.

Do you know how you psychologically damage an entire franchise and its fan base twice in one month? You beat them with seconds remaining on the clock after they were about to make an improbable game winning drive with a 69 yard reception, and then you pick up one of their most historic pieces to their franchise and slap that Patriots red, white and blue on him.

It’s been reported through the day that Harrison was first seen at Logan Airport this morning. That really got the juices flowing for Twitter. Here… we… go.

And now Field Yates of ESPN apparently has some word that Harrison is at the facility in Foxboro, MA and is chatting with the Patriots.

For a team who has a wishy washy defense this season, it makes sense to at least take a peak at what Harrison’s got left and gauge any interest. Is that a crime?

But that’s not why you pick him up. You sign him because if you do, Pittsburgh will ERUPT. Boom. All of that steel left in the city will melt into goo. It would be immaculate. I wouldn’t love a damn thing more in my life than if this happens.

Think about it. AFC championship game in Foxboro. Big Ben drops back to pass with mere seconds on the clock. He prepares to heave the delicate pig skin 50 yards down field to Antonio Brown. The celebration is already choreographed. And POW, James Harrison rocks Big Ben’s world, the ball comes loose… The Patriots head to the Super Bowl. The jubilant fans in the stadium erupt. And Harrison proceeds to bench press Rothlisberger. I can see it all now.

Harrison is no slouch and he loves to work. He would be a perfect fit here in New England and would it hurt to add him onto the roster? Not at all. Bring him here. I need this more than I needed Stanton. Let’s all carve out caves in the brains of those mental midgets down in Pitt. I would love it. Keep an eye on this.

His 83.5 career sack is reserved for you Benny Boy.

Written By: Nick Quaglia (@NickQuag)

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