Former Patriot Brandon Browner Sucks At Murder

Source– Former NFL cornerback Brandon Browner was sentenced to eight years in prison following a plea of no contest to attempted murder, according to TMZ.

Browner, 34, was accused of breaking into his ex-girlfriend’s La Verne, Calif., apartment in July, chasing and dragging her around before smothering her in a carpet. According to a release from the La Verne Police Department, he threatened the victim and took a Rolex watch worth approximately $20,000.


This is a real bad look for the Patriots. Browner helped us win the Superbowl in 2015 over the Seahawks. He was one of those one year guys that come in and make a big impact and then bail. Clearly, the Pats didn’t make quite the same impact on him.

For a full season Browner learned the Patriot Way. He learned to do his job, something never before taught in sports. He learned to always play hard, and never give up on a play… or maybe he didn’t.

This sort of news has got to make Bill Belichick sick to his stomach. This isn’t the first player he’s had get in trouble with the law. He was infuriated with them, too. Alfonso Dennard in 2014 and Michael Floyd in 2016 BOTH arrested on DUI charges. You may look at that and see two men who endangered both themselves and others around them with their selfish actions. Belichick sees two guys that got stopped short of the end zone. Two players lacking the focus and mental toughness to stay in between the lines and make it home. That isn’t the type of player that Bill looks for.

Neither is Brandon Browner, apparently. On the field, he seemed to play tough. Had some big hits and more flags thrown on him than you could fathom. However, its clear now he wasn’t the guy the Patriots and Bill Belichick thought he was. I mean, ATTEMPTED murder? Finish the goddamn play man.

This isn’t a Belichick player, clearly. He doesn’t follow through, doesn’t fight for the extra yards. He’s a Pete Carroll guy from his time in Seattle. He’s sitting right on the goal line and just tosses the ball away instead of driving that carpet right down the gut with Marshawn. Attempted murder. You’re going to jail anyway dude, just follow through.

When you talk about guys that finish the job, the first guy that comes to mind is a tried and true Belichick guy. Belichick drafted Aaron Hernandez in 2010 and he was a surefire stud. Whether it was a quick dump off pass, friends, or himself, Hernandez executed. He was a smart player who knew how to call an audible when he saw he was gonna be in prison the rest of his life. No matter what he was doing, it was surely his job. The Patriot Way.

-Riley Banks (@rileybanks10)

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