Football Team vs Packers: Fantasy Football Preview

It is week 7 of fantasy football! Last week we saw byes starting to take place the same comes into effect this week. This is why each game is crucial to know what players to play or certain matchups.  Thursday Night Football saw the Browns vs Broncos. Sunday there are many interesting matchups slated but this article is going to cover the Football Team vs Packers fantasy football preview for the early games.

Must Start

Aaron Rodgers QB Packers

Aaron Rodgers is getting 2010 vibes from start of Packers' 2021 season

Now this one might seem like a no brainer. If you have Rodgers as a QB on your fantasy team why wouldn’t you start him? I personally believe Rodgers might be some people’s backup QB in leagues. After all ESPN fantasy wise he is ranked 12th. This week I believe will be his highest scoring fantasy football game of the season. The reason is the Football Team. The Football Team has allowed 31.0 PPG this season. This is the most in the NFL. Playing this 5-1 Packers team I think that continues to be the case. Rodgers will have a multiple TD game and throw for over 300 yards. If your one of the people that has Rodgers as a backup start him. It also helps that this is a home game for the Packers.

Others To Consider

Ricky Seals Jones TE Football Team

Quarterback Taylor Heinicke is confident in tight end Ricky Seals-Jones

There are a couple teams on bye this week with TE’s who have been productive in fantasy (Bills, Chargers and Cowboys). So chances are people are looking to stream a TE this week. If you are one of those people like myself look towards Ricky Seals Jones. Right now the TE position is vital for this Football Team. In fact week 5 saw him playing 99% of offense snaps and week 6 saw him playing 100% of offense snaps. Needless to say he will be on the field for the majority of snaps if not all the offense snaps. This has shown in his productivity increasing. Against the Chiefs Ricky Seals Jones was targeted 6 times and caught 4 of those for 58 yards and a TD. With Football Team having multiple WR’s out this game look towards Ricky Seals Jones to produce a good showing fantasy wise at TE.

AJ Dillon RB Packers

The Most Important Green Bay Packers: AJ Dillon Appears Ready For A Breakout Season

If you have Aaron Jones he is a must start but confidently I can say AJ Dillon also is. The RB 2 for the Packers has seen an increase in productivity. In fact it has looked like the offense design is starting to change to a RB by committee feel. AJ Dillon has benefited in both the rushing and receiving aspects. Although last week he was not targeted in the passing game expect him to have use there this week. As for rushing attempts he had 11 against the Bears, Jones had 13. I am expecting that split to be close to the same this week against a defense that ranks 21st against RB’s. Again with byes this week I would be confident plugging Dillon in at a RB 2 or Flex position. For those of you that own him in PPR leagues he will be good for a couple catches again this week. Expect this RB to be back in double digit fantasy production.


Taylor Heinicke QB Football Team

Is the Washington Football Team hampering Taylor Heinicke?

When Heinicke took over for Fitzpatrick he produced some good fantasy numbers. However, in the last two weeks we have seen the exact opposite. Lambeau field is a difficult away stadium to play at as well. But back to the stats in week 5 against the Saints Heinicke produced 248 which is not terrible, but along with those passing yards he threw 2 interceptions and 0 touchdowns. Last week against the Chiefs he did produce 1 touchdown but also 1 interception, his passing yards was 182 yards. Now some may say hes going against the 15th ranked defense against QB’s so that is not a bad matchup. Well last week he went against one of the worse ranked defenses against QB’s the Chiefs and did not look good. I expect the trend of not looking good to continue with Heinicke this week.

Football Team vs Packers Final Thoughts

For the Football Team vs Packers game there are other players that can be talked about. The Packers core of Rodgers, Adams and Jones are must starts every week and this week is no exception. I would even confidently stream the Packers defense, one because they are at home and two because the Football Team offense. One player I may consider sitting unless you’re in a TE bind is Tonyan, I had high hopes for him this season and he has not followed up on them. As for the Football Team they have a couple players I’d consider such as McLaurin who seems to be the only WR who can stay healthy, Gibson if he plays will bounce back from last week and have a good showing at RB. As for the Football Team defense this is not the week to start them.

It’s well known that I do not like the Football Team as tradition being a Cowboys fan but in the most unbiased way possible this game will be a good one… for the Packers.

Featured Image: packerswire.usatoday.com

~Josie Averitt (JosieAve on Twitter)

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