Five NBA Players That Should Get Moved By The Deadline

We are now officially a month away from the NBA Trade Deadline. Which means now it is officially time to listen to all the rumors that will leave you disappointed when they don’t happen. Plenty of moves look like they can be made at the trade deadline. As we get closer we will hear more and more rumors. As of right now I have five NBA players that I think should be traded by the trade deadline. With that being said let us get into my five NBA players that should be moved by the Trade Deadline on March 25th.

Disclaimer: Blake Griffin isn’t here because I think he gets bought out by the Pistons due to now trade market for him. 


Andre Drummond

The Andre Drummond saga in Cleveland has gone on for long enough. Cleveland is refusing to play Drummond until they can work a trade for him. GM Koby Altman for the Cavaliers has been very aggressive since taking over in 2017. Drummond is definitely going to be on the move by the deadline. Where does he go is the question that remains. I think there are three teams that could desperately use him. Those three teams are Dallas, San Antonio, and Toronto. All three teams will be significantly better with him as their center.

The move that makes the most sense though in my opinion is for him to go to Toronto. I think Andre Drummond would really flourish as a member of the Raptors front court. In order for Drummond to get back onto the floor he needs to get traded, and I think we will hear the news sooner rather than later.


P.J. Tucker

Every team that is contending would love to have a guy like P.J. Tucker on their team. The 35 year old versatile forward has had contenders such as Lakers, Brooklyn, Milwaukee, and the Heat express interest in him. Tucker is going to be worth a rotation player rather than draft picks and salary filler according to Adrian Wojnarowski.

Houston is looking to re-tool for the future, so any team that will want Tucker will have to give up a rotational piece at least. Tucker is one hundred percent going to be traded, but where he goes will remain a mystery. In order of where I think he goes is as followed Bucks, Nets, Lakers, Heat. I see the Bucks being desperate and needing to make this more than the Nets, Lakers, or Heat. Watch out for P.J. Tucker’s name to be thrown around more and more.


John Collins 

John Collins’ name has been thrown around a lot this season. Collins is becoming a restricted free agent this summer and the Hawks don’t want to pay him. It just looks that they will be inclined to trade him by the deadline. Obviously the Hawks would like to get a good haul for him, but they might be in big time trouble come the trade deadline. This Hawks team needs to move on from Collins in order for them to flourish.

The last thing the Hawks want to do is go into the summer with Collins still on the team, and have to decide whether or not to match the offer that some teams will be ready to make for Collins. Especially with Trae Young getting ready to get his big payday, the Hawks need to act now on moving John Collins. Collins should be moving on from John Collins by March 25th.


J.J. Redick 

Another name that will get tossed around a bunch by the trade deadline will be J.J. Redick. Redick is a great scorer that can come off the bench for a contending team and contribute. What contender would make the move for Redick is the interesting one. I truly believe that teams like Utah, Clippers, Lakers, Suns, and Blazers will be looking at Redick’s services for the rest of this season.

Redick could easily step in and average double digits off the bench for any contender. Especially the way that the Western Conference is shaking up right now any of those teams that I have named would love to add some bench scoring to their roster. Keep an eye out for Redick as he should be in some trade talks all the way up until the end of the trade deadline.


Kyle Lowry

Lowry is going to be the most intriguing name in my opinion, as his name has been popping up more and more as of late. The odds of Lowry getting traded by the Trade Deadline look to be dead lock right now. The Raptors right now are just a better team without him than they are with him. He could easily be apart of a big three/four team trade to get him on a contender right now. However I am curious to see what the Raptors can put together for a return for him.

Right now there are rumors of Philadelphia, Miami, and the Clippers being interested in bringing Lowry into the fold. One team that I would consider a dark horse in the conversation on getting Kyle Lowry would be the San Antonio Spurs. I predicted him to go to the Spurs back when he was last a free agent, and with the Spurs having Lowry’s buddy DeMar DeRozan on the team it would seem like that could happen if the Spurs were committed to bringing back DeRozan long term. I do think Lowry’s time in Toronto is just about done as the Raptors look like they are going to be heading in a new direction that doesn’t include the 34 year old point guard.


-Chris Jones (@cjoneswho1212)

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