Figuring Out The Celtics Post Problems

So yesterday I went over how the Celtics should make a trade for Marc Gasol. Well what would be even better than getting Gasol, would be Anthony Davis. Either player would get rid of all the troubles that the Celtics have in their post game. The Celtics are not terrible at the five spot, but they need to significantly improve if they want a chance at winning a title in the next couple of years.

The Pelicans front office understands that their team is not going anywhere this season. They may make the playoffs, but they have no shot taking down the top teams in the West. To pry Davis away from the Pelicans it would take a lot. The question is, would Danny Ainge be willing to give up some key players? If this were to happen, I am assuming the Pelicans would want Jayson Tatum. Tatum has proven that he is a future all star of this league and is a very valuable trade piece. I would have no problem giving up Tatum to get Davis, since we need a Center more than we need a wing player. Tatum would be the Pelicans best wing player at 19 years old, and they would be able to develop him into a future All Star. Next the Pelicans would want a big man in return. The Celtics would most likely throw them Horford. I would hate to see Horford go, but he would also fit beautifully in Pelicans offense, and he would be a great complement to Boogie Cousins. Now the Celtics would have to offer up some draft picks. They have a few draft picks in the first round for the next draft, that the Pelicans would potentially want. The Pelicans can really use these draft picks to gain more young talent.

The chances of this of actually happening are slim to none. I doubt the Pelicans want to part ways with a dominant young player that is not even in his prime. However, the Celtics have to at least keep throwing offers at the Pelicans. If this trade were to happen, the Celtics would finally have a big man that can not only defend the rim, but score some points. Baynes is a decent defender, but worthless on offense. Davis would come in, grab rebounds, score points, and defend the rim. We saw that the Celtics obviously need a player like that after they let Drummond go off for a double double. 

Written By: Connor Strayer (@Big_C19)

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